Noble Council Joins FCWC (Gulf of Guinea)

The Noble Jerusalemite Council of Yemen has joined, as an observer to, the Fisheries Committee for the West Central Gulf of Guinea.

The Noble Council is an international entity that is chaired by the Lord Zabid with members of the Council including the Heads of the Noble Jerusalemite Houses, the Lieutenants of the Far Syriac Community (People) and the composure of the Judicial Board of International Law (JBIL) as well as the State Counsellor of Yemen under the NEAY Constitution during the Yemeni Civil War.


Pursuant to the Rules of Procedure of the Fisheries Committee, a representative of the Noble Council has ratified a notice, addressed to the Committee’s Secretary-General in the Ghanaian Atlantic coastal city of Tema, which confirms the Council’s desire to participate, as a governmental body, in future meetings of the Conference of Ministers as well as continuing the Council’s overall endeavours and projects within maritime boundaries.


Another representative, named as Mr Meo Rasheed under the GovtWiki initiative, of the Noble Council has also formally confirmed a semi-official visit to the NEOM City in the Hejaz on the 15th of April 2023.


The Noble Jerusalemite Council of Yemen is expected to continue to advance its relations in Africa throughout this 21st century and further under its consensus-based decision-making process.