Tympanometry Australia joins the Judicial Board

Tympanometry Australia is pleased to announce its membership at the Judicial Board (JBIL) through its Public Officer as its first representative.


Founded by Dr Drell Torres, a great-grandson of the Southeast Asian Revolutionary General Isidoro (D.) Torres JP, from the City of Sydney in Australia, the institution of Tympanometry Australia is a self-regulatory arrangement, as a professional association for Tympanometrists under Australian law, with operations including the Realm of New Zealand as well as the Commonwealth of Australia itself.


The members of Tympanometry Australia are professionals who are united by their shared aspiration to advance the juridical (legal) role of medical/healthcare professionals, in the international community, by facilitating common mechanisms for reaching consensus through, both, arbitration and mediation. Today, its members, by unanimous consensus, have agreed to join the Judicial Board of International Law (JBIL) as hosted by GovtWiki (www.govt.wiki) through TPPE Global.


Tympanometry Australia has also concluded agreements for mutual recognition with governmental regulators in the State of Eastern Lakes, the Jonglei State, the island of Banaba and the City of Jerusalem.


Dr Drell Torres, as the association’s Public Officer, has expressed his desire to see their immediate aspirations as better expanding recognition into many more countries/jurisdictions as well as an objective to strengthening partnerships with all relevant stakeholders.